Why Head Start?

Children learn by doing. Everything your child does while enrolled with Head Start will help them learn about their skills and our world.

Our goal is to help every child be ready for school.


Head Start children reduce their vocabulary deficit by 38% during the program year.


Head Start children are 31% less likely to have been held back a grade.


High quality birth-to-five programs, like the combination of EHS and HS, pay off 13% per year.

Head Start / Early Head Start is a comprehensive child development program for infants, toddlers, preschool children, and their families. We work to provide the “whole child” approach-socially, emotionally and physically. We support each family in their effort to provide a nurturing home environment. Information about basic nutrition, child growth/development, health/dental care, and many other topics related to rearing children is shared.

Each preschool classroom is a rich learning environment, divided into work areas for language and literacy, math readiness, music, art, dramatic play, fine motor, gross motor, science/nature, and blocks/construction. Each area has developmentally appropriate materials. Children have the opportunity to explore and join in independent learning activities of their own choosing. Adults plan for learning experiences to meet the specific individual needs of each child.

Head Start involves children in activities appropriate to their age, developmental level and individual interests.

Children Have Access To:

Free Medical & Dental Care

Free Nutritious Meals & Snacks (Child & Adult Care Food Program)

Safe Play Settings – Indoor & Outdoor

Language & Literacy Rich Classrooms

Qualified & Experienced Teachers

Head Start Offers Families:

Free “School-Day” Child Care

Support Services

Activities for Entire Family

Transportation Services Provided on Established Bus Routes for preschool aged children

Connections to Community Resources

Opportunities Through Adult Education Partnership:

Learn to Read

Earn a GED (High School General Equivalency Diploma)

Get into College

Classroom Technology:

High Speed Internet Access


Fax Machine

Digital Camera

Camcorder/DVD Recorder

Computer & Appropriate Child Software

Online Child Assessment (High Scope – COR Advantage)

Smart Boards



Child Plus