Children are screened in the areas of:

  • Emergent Literacy
  • Health & Dental
  • Vision & Hearing
  • Nutrition
  • Behavioral
  • Speech & Language
  • Developmental
  • Growth


Educational activities build skills in:

  • Social & Emotional Development
  • Receptive & Expressive Language
  • Fine & Gross Motor Development
  • Cognitive Reasoning/Problem Solving/Decision Making
  • Emergent Literacy

*Environmental Print Awareness

*Alphabet Letter Knowledge

*Phonological Awareness/Rhyming

*Book Knowledge & Appreciation

*Number/Counting Concepts

*Early Writing Practice

Services are provided to meet the special needs of children with disabilities


Developmental Screening

  • 3 & 4 Year Old Brigance
  • Infant & Toddler – ASQ3


  • High/Scope Curriculum

*Research-based, Active Learning approach built around key developmental indicators in 5 curriculum content areas

*Aligned with Virginia Foundation Blocks for Early Learning, Virginia Kindergarten Standards of Learning, and The Head Start Early Learning Outcome Frameworks

Child Assessment

  • PALS Pre-K Assessment

*Scientifically based phonological awareness and literacy screening tool measures 4 year olds’ knowledge in 6 literacy fundamentals

*Administered in Fall & Spring

*Scores are reported to Virginia Department of Education as baseline scores for kindergarten


  • High/Scope Curriculum Authentic Assessment Tool

*Measures individual child outcomes

*Gathers information in a natural and comfortable learning environment

*Provides accurate data for individual child planning and policy-level decision making

*Reports child, classroom, and program progress

  • COR Advantage

If you have other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Rebecca Dison, Child Development Services Coordinator