Family Engagement

Through family engagement activites, the program supports family well-being and promotes children’s learning and development.

Partnership Agreement Process

Program staff, through training and close contact with other agencies, provide referral services. Each family is provided a Community Services Directory identifying available resources/services.

A Family Resource Specialist will be assigned to assist you and your family to develop a Family Partnership Agreement. The Partnership Agreement is a plan that you and your specialist develop to assist your family in meeting the goals you have set for yourself.

Parent Involvement

Parents have the opportunity to be involved in every part of the Scott County Public School Head Start program.

Here at Head Start, we believe that you are the most important part in your child’s education and overall development. The more you are involved with your child through Head Start, the better groundwork you lay for success in Head Start and in the public schools. Research shows that children succeed when parents are actively involved in their education.

There are countless ways for you to become involved in Head Start. A member of our staff will meet with you soon after school begins to learn if you have skills or talents you would like to share with the program, and to identify any areas of training you want to see offered. In the past, many parents have helped Head Start by:

  • Participation in parent committee meetings.
  • Attending parent training sessions.
  • Doing volunteer work at centers.
  • Serving on the Policy Council and Health Advisory Committee.
  • Assisting on field trips.

You may identify many other ways to put your time and talents to good use for the Head Start program.

Parent Center Committee

As a parent, you are automatically a member of the parent center committee, which is made up of all parents who have a child currently enrolled in the program. Being an active member is a good way to volunteer.

This committee assists teachers and others that are responsible for the development and operation of all components. Each Head Start parent center committee elects two representatives and one alternate to Policy Council. Early Head Start parent center committees elect one representative and one alternate to Policy Council. Parents may serve on the Health Advisory Committee

Parent center committees also elect officers to help conduct any business the group chooses to be involved in. Officers are elected at the first meeting and the committee generally meets once each month. Family Resource Specialists facilitate parent committee meetings.