We engage children activities that are appropriate and necessary to be ready to enter kindergarten.

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The Head Start Advantage



What Will My Child Learn In Head Start?

Our children will learn many new skills during their time with us in Early Head Start/Head Start. Your child will learn age appropriate skills in social & emotional development and language & literacy development as well as math, science, and problem solving skills. Our goal is to prepare children with the necessary school readiness skills needed for success in school and later learning in life!



Do Children Just Play In Head Start?

Young children learn best by doing! By playing, children use a hands-on approach to development. When you visit the center, you will see children doing their work by playing. Play means using real objects, exploring, creating, problem solving, and role playing. Through play, children pose problems and develop solutions.



Will My Child Learn To Count, Write, Read, Or Say The Alphabet?

In the Head Start learning environment, children will learn about all these things! Research has shown us different ways of teaching so that we can make the most of children’s emergent literacy skills. Our Head Start classrooms offer the best in materials and activities to foster learning and the development of all skills appropriate to your child’s developmental age.

Our Goal Is To Help Every Child Be Ready For School.

We collaborate with kindergarten teachers to better understand the Standards Of Learning (SOL) for Kindergarten. We engage children in activities that are appropriate and necessary to be ready to enter kindergarten. Your child with be actively involved in using materials such as paint, glue, sand, water and outdoor equipment.

The “curriculum” in Head Start includes all the materials we use, the learning environment and room arrangement, teaching strategies, developmentally appropriate activities, and hands-on experiences. Our program implements the High Scope Approach. Children PLAN, DO, & REVIEW their own activities for a portion of the day. Our focus is on safety, school readiness, and helping children develop a sense of trust and belonging. We encourage children to explore materials as well as develop relationships with peers and adults.

During a typical day, children are provided many opportunities to engage in decision-making activities. Teacher-directed activities are also planned to meet individual and group needs. The daily schedule provides a balance between active and quiet times. It allows time for large group, small group, and individual activities.

All classrooms are equipped with interesting, engaging, age appropriate materials and equipment for learning. Our centers include areas and material for gross motor, fine motor, language, problem solving , dramatic play, art, music, blocks/construction, and science/nature development.

Parent/Teacher Partnerships

The teaching staff is required by Head Start regulations to make at least two home visits & two parent/teacher conferences per child per year.

These visits will take place in your home with you and your child. During these visits your child’s development and progress will be discussed and plans for your child will be developed jointly. Parent/teacher conferences will be conducted in your child’s classroom. This is a good time for you to talk to staff about goals you have for your child.